Thursday, 29 January 2015

Baatein Session with Prof. Roberto Fraquelli, NID

Professor Roberto Fraquelli conducted a Baatein session in the Auditorium of National Institute of Design, Paldi, Ahmedabad day before yesterday. He has come all the way from the University of Plymouth to conduct Systems Design classes for the PG2013 batch of Product Design. 

According to him, 3D Design includes Designer Makers, Product Designers and Spatial and Interior Designers. In his school, they want the students to be challenged, rewarded and at the same time, have fun. The studio culture embraces a work hard, play hard attitude. Creativity is at the heart of everything that they do. Verbs are emphasized instead of nouns.

A 4 step sequential and iterative design process id followed. He believes that if students enter competitions, it will give them experience and also something that they can put in their CV. An emphatic design process of understanding people is followed and new economies mean new ecologies.  A conscientious, democratic and accessible approach to design which is not only human centric but is all- of- life centric is a part of open design thinking. An open mindset is one in which dots join to form lines the same way as knowledge connects to form experiences.

Questions such as how we as designers should find out the subconscious needs of the customer and should our approach towards design engage us in subconscious thought were raised. Fraquelli brought clarity to the audience by saying that one can't be consciously subconscious. Experimenting in all domains and then narrowing it down brings clarity and that should be the approach. 

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