Friday, 30 January 2015

Baatein session: An Amalgamation of Gond Art and Chintz

Baatein Marathon!
International Open Electives are being conducted in the National Institute of Design. This year the theme is Drawing by Design. Yesterday, there were two Baatein sessions back to back. The speakers mesmerized the audience. So here goes:
  •  Ramsingh Urvedi is conducting 'Aroma of the Soil' which is basically Gond Art.
  •  Tina Moore and Brigitt Egloff are conducting 'Made By...' which develops sensitivity towards   patterns and surfaces.

Ramsingh Urvedi is a Gond Artist and makes drawings inspired from nature, mythology and folklore. He has traveled world over to exhibit his paintings. In the Baatein session, he showed the audience a few self made paintings and narrated the story behind each. At first glance, the Gond paintings might look decorative but at a closer look, one realizes that they tell multiple stories. One of the paintings depicts a baby who is killed and brought back to life time and again. Paintings like these are inspired from the folklore and the traditions that are still followed in his native place.  The students who attended this elective had a lot to absorb from this artist who still continues to carry forward the traditional art of India.

Tina Moor and Brigitt Egloff are faculty from the Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Sciences (HSLU) are Textile Designers.  The approach to design in HSLU is micro to macro. Professor Tina Moor has spent eight years in developing pneumatic structures from textiles used in the health and aviation sectors. Recently she integrated textiles into buildings and is also working on insulation systems using textiles. Professor Brigitt has started a database project to archive textile swatches called the 'Silk Memory- Inspiration India'. Shortly it will be available online for universities and students for inspiration. They also want to create a tactile experience for students which offers much more experience than what a textile museum can offer.

Students in this elective made association chains after watching inspiring videos of the Domino effect and Rube Goldberg Mechanisms. They visited the Shreyas Museum of Textiles in Ahmedabad. As their final project, they have replicated the style of Chintz fabric using their own techniques of representation. Materials like lemon juice, OHP sheets and ink, jewellery, neon paper, cutouts, burn marks, oil pins on soft-board were used. The students have discovered a new aspect about themselves and have learnt to be more open minded after this elective.

Two weeks of the Open Electives ended today with a final display around the campus.


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