Thursday, 18 September 2014

Making Mood Boards for Forms

Given below are mood boards for 3D forms that are suggestive of the words - Futuristic, Minimalistic and Mischievous. Mood Boards provide inspiration for further product development in Industrial Design. It is a type of collage with elements arranged in a visually appealing composition. They give an overall feel of the idea, or a thought which is being converted to reality. 

Therefore they are an effective tool to enable THOUGHTS TO THINGS.


The elements used on this mood board are: A rendered form by George Yoo, A neck-piece and tap by Zaha Hadid, A vacuum cleaner, The Shard- a building by Renzo Piano and the Grand Swept Roof of Ferrari World at Abu Dhabi.


The elements used on this board are Bleep Bleeps, Body Shop bottles, Chanel No.5 perfume bottle, Wheelbarrows, Clip- A Red Dot Design Award winning product by Paul Sandip and Aer bottles by Godrej.


The elements used on this mood board are a chair inspired from molars by Karim Rashid, MugStir by Quirky, A Red Dot Design Award winning fire extinguisher, salad stirrer by Joseph Joseph, a mug, A watering can by Alessi and Melissa shoes by Zaha Hadid.

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