Saturday, 24 January 2015

Association Chain using Visuals

Association chains basically mean the way a person makes connections in his mind. When we are drawing it out, the connections can be visual, intellectual, a mix of both or can proceed in the form of a story.

Visual connections/ associations are usually made on the basis of form. Connections that proceed in the form of a story, can be a bit vague but are based on a story or a sequence of events.

We, a batch of 19 students in the International Open Elective 2015- Made By.. collected whatever we could from a lawn and sketched it out realistically in whatever angle we wanted to. We experimented with different textures of paper, different material and also tried to cleanse our minds of whatever thinking blocks we had. I picked up a kite since the festival of Uttarayan wasn't long ago. So this is how my association chain proceeds.

1. The kite was sketched realistically. Printed paper and brown paper was used.

2. Seeing the kite in the bent position reminded me of a manta ray.  In the second composition, an old plastic bottle wrapper was used.

3. The manta ray inspired me to draw a bowmouth guitarfish, which in simpler terms in a shark cum manta ray.

4. The form of the shark looked very similar to that of a fighter jet. 

5. The flight of the plane is similar to that of a hawk. Atlanta Hawks, the NBA team has a logo as an abstracted hawk. Instead of drawing an actual hawk, the abstracted form was drawn. The logo copyright belongs to the respective owner.

 6. Birds have a Y shaped bone called furcula which is also called a wishbone. It is named so because of a tradition. When two people pull on the tends, the one who gets the longer end when the bone breaks is said to have a wish granted. People also wear it in their necks.

7. The form of the wishbone is similar to that of a tuning fork which we used in school in the Physics Lab .

8. Adding another prong to the tuning fork, makes it into a three pronged fork which we use on the dining table.

9. A famous optical illusion called the devil's fork has been illustrated below.

10. From the devil's fork, I moved on to wickets that are used in cricket because they are also three in number.

11. The vertical standing members of the wickets combined with the colour combination used here led to the making of a zebra crossing in reverse colour.

12. The zebra crossing is found on the road therefore, I made the texture of the road.

13. Orange cones are kept on roads to aid in the direction of traffic and also for some other reasons. VLC media player has an orange cone as a logo. Logo copyrights belong to the respective owners.

14.  I had concert tickets to a concert that I didn't attend so I stuck the tickets because it is related to music.

15.While listening to music, I feel as if I am floating, floating the way smoke floats in the air and the way oil diffuses in water, but doesn't dissolve.

16. The prolonged feeling of floating is blissful.

17. It reminds of sliding down a spiral slide at my favourite restaurant when I was small.

18. The spiral resembles DNA. Also if we compare ourselves to water molecules, sliding down a slide is similar to sliding up and down in a spiral pipe.

19. Spiraling up and down in a pipe must be confusing for the water molecules. Therefore I made the top view of a maze.

20. A 3D maze was made using a square tube in space.

21. The maze was similar to the game of Pacman.

22. The Pacman ghosts are so cute.

The association chain can keep on going on till infinity. Also, different people have different approaches of going about an association chain because most often than not, it is based on past experiences.  After all, connections made using an existing bank of knowledge form our experiences.


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