Saturday, 25 October 2014

Happy New Year (Film 2014)

Director: Farah Khan
Running Time: 184 minutes
Producer: Gauri Khan under the banner of Red Chillies Entertainment
Distributed by: Yash Raj Films

This blog doesn't reveal the movie plot. You can take it in the perspective that the movie is being described to a friend who is still undecided whether to watch the movie or not.

Shot majorly in the Atlantis Palm, Palm Island, Dubai, Happy New Year justifies the act of theft.

The movie features Shah Rukh Khan as Charlie, a young, hot and handsome protagonist who consolidates a pack of 6 people to avenge his father's death. Apart from this, Charlie is a first ranker from Boston University.

Sonu Sood, a bomb diffuser is dashing, macho and is out to win hearts. The trigger to make him lash out and put a good use to his muscles is badmouthing his mother in front of him. The shirtless scenes of Sonu Sood and Shah Rukh Khan set hearts aflutter.

Deepika Padukone a hotbod who sets hearts racing, features as Mohini, is a bar dancer who wants to earn respect. She likes people who speak 'the English ' but can't speak 'the English'. The chemistry of Deepika and Shah Rukh is exothermic in the sense that things are actually shown to catch fire in the movie.

Boman Irani as Tammy plays the role of a lock opener while Vivaan Shah as Rohan plays the role of a geeky hacker. Since Rohan is very intellectual, the girls think he is a geek but actually, intellectual is the new cool.

Obviously, a movie/story is incomplete without a twist, a villain or a problem. The villain in the movie is Jackie Shroff as Charan Grover who has earned his name and fame through unfair means.

Abhishek Bacchan plays a double role as Grover's son as well as Nandu, Charlie's friend. Mohini mistakenly calls Grover's son Jackass Nandu and the son is turned on by her. When Nandu is drunk, he can puke anytime, anywhere.

So basically, there is a group of techies. A bomb diffuser, a lock opener, a systems hacker and a lookalike complete with a lady who has ambition. The underlying theme of the movie, as I perceive is that if done for a good cause and betterment of society, theft is justifiable. It is mentioned time and again in the movie that there are two types of people in the world -winners and losers. Losers get one chance in their lifetime to be winners and they should definitely seize that opportunity. 'Kismat' or luck is also dealt with in a very philosophical way.

A mix of grandeur, glamour, reality bites, infatuation, romance, revenge and true friendship, this movie isn't out of the world or overly amazing but is surely worth a watch. Who knows, you may pick up tidbits that will affect you in real life.

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