Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How to wriggle out of situations

So, this will give you tips on how to evade socially awkward situations which we face everyday
Read on..


Suppose you go over for lunch at someone's place but you do not like the lunch.
Host: How was the lunch? Come over next time too.
You: Mention not.
(by Amreeta Banerjee)


Suppose you are stuck with a group of people and you reach a point where you are neither a part of the conversation and nor can you understand what they are talking about. What to do?
You: Hey guys. Excuse me. Gotta go to the loo.
Then call from the loo and inform that you have to go. Or even if you don't call, they might not notice that you have gone
You: Hey some very urgent call is coming. Can't miss it.
Okay, so it will obviously be assumed that your phone is on vibrate mode. After that, just act and say hi! how you doing? hows your work going with the appropriate breaks for the fake responder to reply and slowly walk away. No one will notice.


Suppose you are sneaking out of the auditorium in the middle of a boring lecture and luck favours you that day and the lights are dim. Suddenly the lights turn on and you are crawling on the floor in an awkward position.
What to do?
You: (Keep your cellphone or a pencil in hand) If the lights turn on and your lucky day seems to be over, just put your phone on the floor faast and pretend that you are looking for it.
So obviously no one will scold you for it because duh it's your phone.
And if it's a pencil, then again you won't be scolded because you can always say you have to take notes of the lecture with it.

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