Monday, 10 February 2014

The Mysteries of Life

This blog might be a bit bitchy but its not aimed at anyone in particular.
These questions are the queries of late teenagers/ almost adults who are still discovering the changing world around them. Please don't take all this seriously.
I am also a part of them:D

Why do people deceive other people?

There can be many motives:
1.They dont want other people to know what they are upto
2. They think that by not sharing information, they themselves will progress in life and have a good career
3. Or they are to lazy to share information or perhaps forget
4. The people are very competitive.

How to deceive people with example:

Suppose you sleep at four in the night and you dont want others to know what you were doing at that time so you just say I was out, doing some cycling, walking around, listening to music and you know... and cut the conversation. Then try to switch the conversation onto the other person!

How to get to know if someone is deceiving you?

Don't believe what that person says. Be nice to him/her on his face but later just analyze his/her speech and you will get your answers. Ask cross questions subtly.
The person whom you think might be deceiving you, may drop some hints of untruth in his replies. To not make that person conscious and doubt your motives, cross question that person's friend(s).

Why do we fall in love?


Why do some people hate what they are doing? or what is being taught in class?

Because they dont have passion for it.
Passion cannot be taught. It has to be built up. Even in a boring lecture, there is something that you understand and that strand can be used to build up further information about what is being taught in class.

Why do students go to hostel rooms after classes rather than staying in the institutional area?

They feel more comfortable when they are around their things. But its not negative. Everyone has their own comfort zone. Some people are happy and content working in the classrooms or studios and some people prefer the room. But change is good and changing your location brings in fresh ideas.

Why do some people carry heavy bags around?

Because they dont find asuitable place to store their work.
Or the other explanation is that they like to carry heavy bags around and burden their shoulder
Or they don't have a permanent place to work and since they like change, they are on the move! :D
It's perfectly okay to roam around with a bag everywhere!

Why do people crack lame jokes?

To lighten the mood!
Cracking lame jokes is not a big deal at all!

Why are people so career conscious?

They want to do good in life. Some people are hungry for money because they want to buy certain things that they currently can't afford.

Why do people mug up things and not understand stuff?

They are hungry!
hungry for marks! But in the long run, they might get marks which is instantaneous but not understand completely what they are studying. What exactly is the point in that? This is instant gratification!

What is the meaning of friendship in today's context?

When people make friends, it can be purely for the sake of good company or for contact building.
But I think that you shouldn't try to make contacts forcefully or by being extra nice and giving fake smiles.
Our friends and mind you our true friends are the extensions of our egos. In friendship, their are nop expectations and no returns. You just know when your friend needs help.

Why dont some people let you maintain your privacy?

They are very nosy.
Or they are very interested in you.
Or they want to disturb you so that you can't work in peace.

So the question arises how you should maintain privacy:

If you are that sort of person to whom everyone asks what are you doing? what project are you working on? and you seriously don't want to reveal much before your project is complete then don't. Because it is your wish. At some point in your life, you have to demarcate what you want to share with others and what you don't want to. Therefore you can tell other people snippets of information but don't reveal the grand plan.
You might think that being secretive is bad and you yourself are becoming a part of cut-throat competition but you are actually not. And this doesn't mean that you stop helping other people. Helping other people is the best thing in the world.

Should you teach skills that you only know to other people?

Yes you should. If you look at the larger perspective, teaching skills and sharing information increases your knowledge because that person also might teach you something new. Also by teaching someone something, you gain their respect. But you should also get to know if the other person who wants to learn is taking advantage of you or not.
Nevertheless, we should help people but not at the cost of our own work.
And we shouldn't think so much before helping out someone, even if we have to go out of the way to do so.

Why are people addicted to facebook?

Because they want to stalk other people.
Guys especially, want to check out hot girls.
Facebook is a means to stay in touch with long lost relationships and to give fake smileys and lols to people:P
To comment on other people's photos.
To upload selfies and see how many likes, air kisses and love you comments it gets.

Why are people concerned about their looks?

Looks are often deceptive. So concealing your look behind a mask is essentially not ideal.
People want to be good looking to attract the opposite sex and to feel better about the fact that they are better than people of the same sex.
The definition of looks is very different for different people. You look the best when you wear your favourite clothes and talk naturally.
Good looks don't make you beautiful.Your beauty lies within your soul.

Why do people chill out?

Because they love to waste time. As simple as that! Chilling is not bad but chilling just for the sake of chilling is bad. I think the best chilling happens between truckloads of work because at that time you totally force the task at hand out of your brain and focus on the sunnier side of life.

Why do people want to date other people or be in a relationship?

Relationships exist among everyone. But nowadays, its considered cool to be in a relationship.
Relationships can be for many reasons:
1. We want the other person just as an arm candy to move up in the social circles
2. They broke up from someone and want to date another person to spite their ex.
3. They love the other person too much. Its like a dreamy, floaty feeling that may be only short term.
So dating is not bad, but before dating we should ask ourselves the following questions:
Do we really want to date that person?
If that person dated someone else, would you feel bad? If yes then you definitely like that person.
Do you know what makes the other person happy? Can you share his/her happiness?

Why do some people celebrate Valentine's Day?

because they cherish their loved ones only on that day. And if they are dating someone, they use that day to show the other person that they like them. But the fact is that why can't everyday be valentine's day? Why only a special day? Love can be expressed anyday!

Why don't some people care about other people?

Because they aren't receptive enough to uunderstand.
or they are so keen to put their point forward and that too always that they fail to understand what might be going on in someone else's mind.
If you really want to know someone else's feelings and emotions, you should study his' her expressions and body language. That might give a good clue about that person.

Why do some people try to please others?

Because the world works only on personal benefits. Pleasing the faculty might mean more grades for some people, pleasing your peers may lead to popularity, pleasing someone of the opposite sex may make you lucky(you know what I mean, don't you?). This is quite a narrow minded view. It is an inherent part of some people's personality to gel well with others, have good relationships with other people and to think good for everyone. Therefore this cannot be confused with trying to please someone. If you have genuine friends, they will help you in your bad times and knowing their strengths and weaknesses, you can take their help.

Why are workaholics and people who think different aren't accepted in society?

Most of the people in this world are very competitive. So if they see someone working hard and actually doing good quality work, they try to mock that person, make him/her feel like shit, worthless, useless and undeserving. Those people might not try to do all these things consciously but it is lurking in their subconscious mind.

Everyone wants to excel, do good in life

Why are people so judgemental about others?

People judge others because they want them to perform some actions which are right according to their own perception. If some people exceed these expectations, the people like them and if some don't people form a bad opinion about them. Judging someone is putting a badge on a  person and categorizing him/ her. Therefore it is better not to judge people.
People react differently in different situations and therefor might exhibit a variety of behaviour at various points of time. Being judgemental means having a very closed view of the world.

Does being popular on social networking sites guarantee popularity in actual life?

First of all, life doesn't come with any guarantees. Okay you can argue about it by taking an example of a life insurance.. but let's not talk about that right now.
Social networking sites require a lot of time first of all. So if one wants to become popular online or in the virtual world, you need lots of time. Plus gaining popularity by posting irrelevant photos about what you ate isn't really a good way to get popular. Some people may be more comfortable talking on the internet and some people prefer talking face to face.
But the real drawback is that, on social networking sites, you don't really get to know the expressions of the people even if they are supplemented by smileys. Some things can only be expressed vocally.
Therefore, popularity on social networking sites doesn't guarantee popularity but those two are interrelated. If you are popular in real life, there are more chances that your photos will be liked by a lot more people.  People who are wannabe's want popularity online. And trust me, getting a thousand likes for your selfie doesn't make you a popular person in the real world.
Guys, let's face the reality. Even if we prefer to live in the virtual world, we must face reality and actually talk to people. There is a hell lot of difference between being friends on social networking sites and in actual life.

Why do people wear plain t-shirts?

People who wear plain t -shirts (without lines or stripes) are indeed noble souls. They don't like messages written on their t-shirts because their life is their message (as Mahatma Gandhi once said). Therefore we should ideally hang on to every word these people say because who knows, you might get some good inspiration from them.

Why are we never satisfied with the work we do and think that we could have done better?

We don't feel satisfied with our work because sometimes, we do tend to set certain standards of work for ourselves that we want to achieve and when we aren't able to do so, we feel this way.

The other reason could be that after seeing the work standards of other people, we too want to come up to that level and quality of work provided that we find it to be better than ours. This is healthy competition and leads to our progression as human beings.

The positive side of not being satisfied with our work is that it makes us strive to perform better next time. If our work isn't satisfactory, we do tend to get the fire within us next time to perform better.

My one advice to everyone would be to give your 100 percent every time and in every situation, so that you have no regrets later on.

More questions and answers coming up!