Sunday, 10 July 2016

Chindōgu - Invention, the Japanese Way

According to Ripley'sChindogu is the Japanese art of inventing silly & useless gadgets to solve an everyday problem. Translated literally, 'Chindogu' means a valuable or priceless tool. Yes, these inventions are genius, but you would probably look pretty silly using them out in public.

Today, when I woke up to a rainy morning and was listening to my favourite songs on Youtube, I came across the following video made by Top Most Rare, and it made my morning! These products are surely meant to pep up life. Are you lacking rainbows? You have struck jackpot. Welcome honey. 

1. Breast Feeder for males
When parents decide to be pregnant together and feed the child together. What is wrong with normal milk bottles eh? Well, the advantage is that you can make the kid have a variety of liquids. How about milk in one and chocolate shake in the other? 

2. Butter Stick 
Good for people on the go! But would you keep on buying this stick again and again or stick to your regular butter box? Well, the target consumer group is pretty limited. But we do need such things in life for fun. 

3. Welcome to Japan Bra
Of course we want to hear welcome greeting in different languages during foreplay. The question is, does the bra stay on during foreplay? Or say you go to office and since you ran out of bras, you wore the 'welcome to Japan bra'. Your multilingual class will be greeted in their mother tongue if you happen to press the button accidentally. #iwant #yokoso

 image source :

4. Bogus Hand to assisst in cutting vegetables
I sincerely hope there are embedded electronics in the bogus hand to improve the grip and control over vegetables. You need to wash one of these hands as well. Suppose you cut beetroot with the bogus hand one day and leave it in the sink to be cleaned later. Now, I will let you complete the story.

5. Commuters' Helmet 
Don't you want to be stuck to the glass in the subway? I hope other people sincerely wake you up on your station and I hope you remember to put a label on your head as to where you are headed. I have a nice idea- Stick your helmet to the door. 

 image source : inspiring interns

6. Handsfree 360 degree camera
We know the upcoming trends for the next fashion week in town. Girlies, don't forget to be there. This is going to be the #beentheredonethat moment. 

 image source :

7. Camouflage Skirt - Anti Rape Dress
Honey, just go shopping. And on the way back, other people can try to shop from you. You will be protected from getting raped or mugged but don't let them notice your sport shoes peeping out from under the vending machine. And if someone decides to buy Sprite, your boobs can be grabbed or vagina be stroked. Sounds like a ball!

8. The Creative Gardening/ Farming Swiss Knife 
Looking at the posture of the man in the picture, it doesn't look fun to use. And do you want to drag all the heavy tools with you and also use their collective weight while sowing seeds or harvesting. This is your Farmville moment. 

9. The Umbrella Tie
The hook at the bottom of the tie is oh so obvious. Well, this surely is redefining the way we look at ties. The spokes of the umbrella must be lightweight. Let's assume that for now. Will you wear your awesome tie to a meeting after a long walk in the rain? If a small kid presses the umbrella trigger while you are wearing it, be ready for some karate!

 image source:

10. Itching using the X and Y axis 
You need to carry around a small t shirt with you all the time #essentials #lifeline. And of course you need to wear this grid t shirt everyday. Because, the back can itch anytime. So can other parts of body. But nevertheless, this is a good teaching aid for kids. 

11. Smile Trigger
Do you want your kid to radiate positivity? Have a smile that makes people gravitate towards them? Buy this smile trigger which gives small electric currents to children who frown. Notice: The fish shaped gadget has controls in the form of a smile. Big visual clues. Because as Mikky Ekko says- Smile the worst is yet to come. Click here to listen.

This is enough for today peeps! Please do not miss out the following :

a) iPhone case with boobs to get instantaneous #themfeels anytime, anywhere.

 image source :

b) The bra with pots which you can wear everyday and monitor those lovely plants right under your nose and also, spread a message about agriculture 

c) Earplugs with earrings so that you can enjoy a party without the chitter chatter and get the best of both worlds. You can even go to the swimming pool wearing these, and I bet, you will get some compliments. No compromise on #supermodellooks

 image source :

d) Tablecloth glued to your pants on which you can wipe your hands after washing. Of course you won't spoil or crumple your clothes. But I have some gossip gossip! There is a sexy coworker in my office who wears these tablecloths. I wonder if I should wipe my hands there? 

e) Breast gymnastic hand massager which assists in making them firm. Can you touch your breasts? Like the bottom most end also? Then you can very well scratch them. Easy peasy lemon squeezee! 

I am dying to have a theme party now. Want to join me eh? And of course, the theme is understood. I will give you diluted orange poster colour water as return gift. 

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