Wednesday, 18 March 2015

This is not a Chemistry Class

We have a Baatein session with Lyondell Basell today. This is the poster.

Mr. Suranjan Das, the Regional Business Manager from LyondellBasell, a petrochemical company is coming to NID for a Baatein session. He will also be bringing along some Plastic Samples and swatches.

LyondellBasell Industries is a public multinational chemical company with headquarters in Holland, Netherlands. It mainly specializes in the production of PP- Polypropylene along with other products like Benzene, Butadiene etc. Along with being manufacturers of plastics, they have also entered the domain of producing airtight packaging, bumpers, wheel caps, surface textures along with many more.

If you have that lurking passion for chemistry then here goes - LyondellBasell uses Ziegler Natta catalysts and chromium and metallocene catalysts for production. Please do come for this Baatein session to know more about plastics, production techniques and further scope.

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