Monday, 23 February 2015

Baatein with Mr. Gerard Eisterhold

Poster by Shridhar Sudhir
Mr. Gerard Eisterhold had a day long trip to NID today and had an interactive talk session with the NID community a few minutes back. Mr. Eisterhold holds a BFA in Design from the Kansas City Art Institute and is a board member of the Disney Hometown project. He spoke about the making of the Jurassic Park Discovery Centre, the Rosa Parks Library and Museum in the University of TROY, Alabama and the other initiatives that he has taken up.

The Jurassic Park Discovery Centre exhibits the actual dinosaur models that were used in the film. The exhibit is based on science but not limited by science. Since the whole museum design project involved a lot of investment, the firm had to take care of the fact that there were no pinch points for the public. Prototypes of all the exhibits were made and user testing, study and observations were made. Since museums cater to all age groups of people and especially children, children were brought in to test the interactive exhibits and further iterations were made. A museum exhibit may wear out over time. Therefore backups like CPUs, panels were stored.

The Rosa Parks Museum & Children's Wing has a mix of graphic projections and and information in various rooms. The firm also created a time machine there to depict the Montgomery Bus Boycott. A bus has been installed in the museum which plays the moments by moment events of a day in a loop.

Mr. Eisterhold is the chief winemaker and also the owner of Terra Vox Vineyards. Open thinking today points towards the fact that there is not just one correct answer. The specific time and place you are in determines the quality of your experience. Similarly, he seeks out a specific quality of grapes to give that perfect and unique taste to people.

His profession is project based. His team does projects and they relearn the same lessons over and over again. Mr. Jerry believes that one should have the ability to deliver different experience to different types of people.

It is not enough to have an idea, you have to implement it and also have some interaction with reality.


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