Saturday, 4 October 2014

Bicycle Diaries - Thol Lake, Gujarat

Cycling trip
Total Distance covered: 70 Kilometers
Starting Point: Paldi
Halfway stopping point: Thol Lake
Endpoint: Paldi
Time taken: 14 hours (6:30 am to 8:30 pm)

Stopping at a point for Chai and Dal Vada for a small break.

Behold the beauty of Thol lake. Reward and treat for our eyes after a good exercise of our thighs and bum.

Foood! Mmmh! It was as if we hadn't seen food before.
Food items on the plate: Bajre ki roti, Sev Tamatar, Aloo, Kadi, Matra, Chaas

After this we rested on the sides of the lush green fields. Some people couldn't stop laughing and the reason couldn't be determined.

 #Interesting thing 1- Two cows fighting on the roadside

 #Interesting thing 2 -Water spilled on the concrete floor outside the dhaba which glowed beautifully in the sun.

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