Saturday, 16 August 2014

How to be Normal and Socially Acceptable

Earlier, I had written about how to be weird. But this is just the opposite. To be socially acceptable, accept the fact that you have to socialize, and that too a lot.

So here goes:

1. Listen to the most popular songs that your friends are listening to, watch videos of songs that have won Grammy's and to be on the safer side, keep the language preference to English. So when someone is listening to a song that you most probably would have heard, say-"Oh my god! isn't this the awesomest song ever! ". And you will surely find a normal friend.

2. Coordinate all your timings as your friends' timings. So when majority of your friends go to sleep, you also go to sleep. This way you will also wake up at the same time as they do ad you will get to socialize better this way.

3. Always follow the latest trend. So if there is a new trend of wearing ankle socks, wear ankle socks or if everyone is getting haircuts with trimmers, you do so as well. If people are getting their hair streaked, you also do so.

4. Watch Pretentious Movie reviews on Youtube.

5. Be up to date with the latest short forms like YOLO- You Only Live Once or its counter-philosophy -YODO- You Only Die Once, TYVM - Thank You Very Much, TTYL- Talk To You Later etc. and for god's sake, use them whether on social networking sites or while carrying out a conversation. And be liberal with the use of # hash tags #.

6. If you see a well dressed person, mirror his/her style. Because to be socially acceptable, style and looks matter a lot. If you are well dressed, you feel confident.

7. If you have a very gross joke in mind, or a joke that you yourself think is not funny, do not spread it.

8. Maintain a healthy body. After all, what do supermodels eat? Cabbage and lettuce. So stick to healthy food. It's good to have a colourful meal so it's good to have a colourful plate. But once in a while, indulge in ice cream, chips, fries, bunmuska or burgers or other junk food. That's what normal people do.

9.Keep a check on your emotions in public. If you are a very moody person, try to be adjusting. If you feel sad or like crying, don't cry. Instead keep a smile on your face. Sometimes it is okay to have outbursts of emotions, but overly emotional people are not liked. Also don't whine all the time if you have a habit to do so. It is a big put off for people.

10. Participate in social events. If you have a batch party, or a group performance or activities that you do as group, go for them. You may not like them, but it's social protocol, you see. In parties and group events, people socialize a lot, so you also get to socialize. In dance parties, don't stand in the corner. Let go of your inhibitions, and just go dance.

11. Be confident. Be sure of what you are saying. If you aren't sure of what you want to say, don't say it. Don't come across as a highly opinionated person but maintain that delicate balance between overconfidence and under-confidence. Confident people, who generally know what they want from life are highly socially acceptable.

In the end, I would like to add that people who want to be socially acceptable are the ones who think they are not. After all who decides what is socially acceptable and what is not- the society. Therefore it is not something which one should yearn to do. Deciding or setting social norms is group opinion. It is your choice if you want to follow it or not. YOLO. So do what you want. Be the square peg in the round hole and get out of your comfort zone. Trust me, you will be fine.

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