Friday, 18 July 2014

Date Card Ideas

Recently I had date week in college as a part of ice breaking with the new entrants in college. We had to send good date cards to make our dates i.e. the first years feel special and wanted. Then on the last day of the week we had to take them out for dinner.In date week, we pretend that we are fake dating someone. 

So here are some ways in which you can go about it. Plus you can always use these for an actual date.

1. Send some cheesy crazy lines from movies or pick up lines such as:

a) I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you.
b) I'm very discreet but..I will haunt your dreams. 
c) I look for you even  when you are not around.
d) I hope we are not parallel lines. Our lives should intersect.
e) If you were a library, I'd check you out.
f) I wish I could gaze at the stars with you, everyday.

You could even send lines in some other language. I'll give examples from Hinglish i.e. Hindi + English:

a) Send a block of cheese and the complementary line could be - 'Tu cheez badi hai masst masst'.

Or some mild ones:
a) May the stars watch over you. (Eragon)
b) Shoot for the moon, even if you fail, you will land among the stars. (P.S. I Love You)
c) Hello Date,
   You should smile more, because you are beautiful.(The Art of Love, a short film on youtube)
d) If you are sunshine, I am moonlight. (Because the moon reflects the sun's light)

2. Send a piece of ribbon to your date and ask him/ her to wear the ribbon on the date. You should obviously wear a ribbon of the same colour to match.
Or perhaps ask your friend to make  a prank call and ask what colour your date is wearing and try to match it.

3. Sending chocolate bars is clich├ęd! Therefore try to send chocolate  in other forms (if you really want to) such as chocolate syrup, chocolate milkshake, chocolate muffins or cookies, choco fills, choco lava cake etc. Or send candy like jujubes, marshmallows etc. 

You can send anything to your date but it should be connected to what you write in your letter to keep your date interested.

4. Send self invented memes/ pick up lines off the net or puns or lines with double meanings.
a) Do you have 11 protons? Because you are sodium fine.
b) Do you have a map? Because I am lost in your eyes.

5. Send objects/ products with complementary pick up lines:

What to send

Complementary Line
Please sweep me off my feet
Bubble blower/ feather
Blow me away
A plastic tap
Open the tap and the love will flow
A pear
Will you be my pair? or appear in front of me
A few cherries
Mon cheri
Something violet in colour
Roses are red violets are blue. But wait, aren't violets violet?
A bulb
Light up my life
Pakde rehna, chodna nahi
A piece of wood
Would you be my date?
A date
Will you be my date?

6. Send a packet of chips which give you toys inside and the note could be like this:
There may be thousand chips in this packet, but you are like the tazo/ toy, one in a thousand. You know how exclusive it is right?

7. Send a bottle of Harpic. Harpic kills 99.2% of germs or something (check the latest statistics though) It is known that Harpic kills 99.2% germs. You are like the unkilled germs in my mind. Dimag mein keede mat kar (Do not infect my mind with your presence). I can kill you with my gaze. (This one is strictly if the subject of your love and attention has the capacity to bear such lines)

Some examples have been taken from my friends who sent awesome date cards.
People usually like it a lot if you make things for them personally. Therefore it is advisable to not go for ready made things.

Also you don't need to prove that you like someone by sending expensive gifts. Small things that can make a person smile are valued more.

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