Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Cliche'd things found in Gift shops

Recently I went to a gift shop while waiting for some friends to arrive in a market. I observed how many cliched gifts were stacked up in the shop and how much people love to buy them.
So I will roll out the particularly long list now:

1. Teddy Bears:
Really? Do grown humans really need to cuddle a teddy bear or sleep with it? This gift is okay only for small babies.

2. Perfumes/ Deodorants:
Perfumes packed in the most unusual way: coloured aluminium boxes with a small bottle of perfume are a big put off. You unwrap something big and a tiny bottle comes out. Also sometimes people think that they receive perfumes or deos because they have body odour. People also give perfumes/deos because they want to smell that scent on the person. Perfume choosing is an art.

3. Photo frames
People really hate to receive photoframes unless you put a photo inside it. That makes it special. But spending a bomb on a stupid photoframe is stupidity. And the other thing is that they pass it on to other people. So actually, photoframes keep on getting passed on until some poor soul decides to open it.

4. Colourful cardboard gift boxes
Okay, I understand that gift boxes are essential when you are giving a bunch of small things to someone but if you actually put a thought behind it, it's just a piece of cardboard with attractive colours to lure people to buy it.

5. Pieces of glass with messages you don't actually mean
Common messages and poems floating around in the market and on pieces of frosted glass. These gifts are also passed on to others until someone decides to open it. So go in for these only after a serious round of brainstorming or if you have too little time on hand to choose a gift.

6. Showpieces
Showpieces are good pieces of art but when you can't see the meaning behind it there's no point buying it. Especially the ones in the form of cartoon characters. Showpieces with intricate carvings are really good but that's my opinion.

7. Stuff toy hearts
Why?  I mean seriously? Let me tell you that a heart doesn't actually look like <3. It's actually very different. I'm not against it, but even on Valentine's day giving this is stupid unless the girl or the guy can tolerate it.

8. Heart shaped chocolates
Really? Chocolates are chocolates whether shaped in the form of a heart or a bar. It's better to give a premium bar of chocolate rather than giving a chocolate rose or heart or teddy bear or whatever of that sort.

9. Scented candles in fancy stands

10. Fake flowers in weird colours
Who wants to put fake plastic flowers in their house?

I'm not against these gifts nor do I want to condition your minds but I wanted to make people aware of these cliche's. Don't stop gifting these things but sometimes a handwritten note or a handmade gift might be a better thing to give. The sale of these things increase dramatically on Valentine's day. Choose wisely customers.

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