Tuesday, 21 January 2014

like-obsess- ocd

I have written this blog to explain the differences and the fine links between liking something, being obsessed with something and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Obsessions happen because :

1. You want something truly with your heart but can't have it.
2. You want something but know that it is bad for you so you force your mind to divert from giving attention to that habit/ object.

Obsessions can be with anything. For instance girls might be obsessed about a particular guy so they become clingy which might chase away the guy. In this case the girl wants something truly with her heart but can't have it. Another example of being obsessed - Suppose x wants to smell shoe polish all the time because it smells so good but doesn't because he knows the harmful effects of it.Sometimes people are obsessed with food.They don't eat to live but live to eat. Reasons for that might be many like stress levels or pressures in our lives.

When we know the bad repercussions of our obsessions then we have enough power within us to control them. If we do those things/ take those things in a controlled and regulated manner and we will be guilt free.

But everyday simple obsessions cannot be confused with obsessive compulsive disorder. In O.C.D. people feel the need to check things repeatedly or have certain thoughts to perform rituals over and over again. These actions cause distress and get in the way of daily life.

Healthy people also have rituals, such as checking to see if the stove is off several times before leaving the house. The difference is that people with OCD perform their rituals even though doing so interferes with daily life and they find the repetition distressing. Although most adults with OCD recognize that what they are doing is senseless, some adults and most children may not realize that their behavior is out of the ordinary.

There are advantages of O.C.D. as well:
Suppose one wants to check the security of the house again and again before sleeping. This is an advantage as, the slightest chance of an intruder getting in might be eliminated. Also, the person who checks the door would get mental peace.

All of us without realizing or not realizing have a few obsessions.There is a great difference between liking something and being obsessed with it. When you start liking something too much then it becomes an obsession. People with O.C.D. are not abnormal. they are normal human beings so should be treated as one. Do not worry about obsessions if you know that you can control them.

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