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Sample Newspaper Report

Sample Newspaper Report
The date has been manipulated.
Any resemblance to characters - living or dead is purely coincidental.

-Harshika Jain
30 June 1984

An NCC expedition off the Bombay Coast, 60 nautical miles into the seas was in operation on the INS Ranjit, a destroyer Naval War ship. It was a part of the All India Public Schools Camps.
As a part of a mock drill, a log of wood weighing 25-30 kg was dropped off into the sea. There were waves which made the wood piece sway and float here and there. The boys on board who knew how to swim had to go fetch the wood. All backed off except one boy – Vinod K.Kumar  from Modern Public School, Delhi who was willing to take the risk.

He got down into a 4ft x 2ft navy raft with a navy personnel and they paddled towards the log of wood. 200-300m away from the log, he was asked to jump into the sea, swim and get it back. The journey towards the wood was on the most part uneventful. But when he was coming back with the piece of wood along with him, he was followed by a swordfish.  Luckily he was very close to the boat. Otherwise this act of bravery might have turned into a gory bloodbath.

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